Google Earth Modelling Costs

As an introductory offer, we can model and upload your place for as little as 100 (100 euro, US$150).  The place you wish to model at this price can only be simple in form (such as two intersecting cuboids with slanting roof and textured walls). Just email us your address & postcode, description of your place and the photographs for texture modelling - please see 'how to photograph buildings' before you begin taking photos of your place.

Upon receipt of your submission, we will examine the complexity of your building and give a final quote before work commences.  If our quote exceeds 100, we will endeavour to quote the best price we can for the work involved.

Standard 3D modelling costs

Our pricing aims to be as competitive as possible.  Before we begin a project, we make a quote based on the information you provide using the following options of your choice:

1. Hourly rate

We charge 35 (eur 40 / usd 50) an hour.  To give you an idea, the planning application project cost  420 for 12 hours work including the basic tour and viewpoints (i.e. as presented).  Many smaller projects of this type, typically take around ten hours work when provided with adequate photographs, plans and information.

2. Overall quote

We can agree to a total price for a complex work which is clearly defined with set phases as agreed.  If there are additions to the description, these will be charged at the hourly rate.

Please note: a project down-payment (and minimum) of 150 is required once a quote is agreed.


Have your plans brought to life for as little as 350 (US$450 or Є380). See pricing for more information.


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