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One of the exciting advantages of realtime 3D is flexibility of interaction.  Objects can animate, react to touch, be operated, have sound and much more.  The following example of Bird Island will give you an idea of what we can do.

We also produce a 3D software browser, vizplan3D,  that embeds a 3D model and can be emailed, uploaded on the internet or produced on a CD.

Bird Island 3D
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Bird Island is a tiny island North of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.  In short, it's an island holiday resort for birds that come from as far away as Siberia!    In particular, Sooty Terns gather in their hundreds of thousands to breed each May and literally cover a large proportion of the island.  Millions of eggs are laid and little space can be found to tread amongst the nests on the ground.

This virtual tour takes you to Bird island hotel where you can view the chalets and hotel in detail and experience the deafening noise of the Sooty Tern 'swarm' during breeding season.  See if you can spot the largest land tortoise in the world, 'Esmeralda', and even take a flight around the island in an Air Seychelles plane - all you have to do is walk inside the plane and your off!

Start outside a beautiful chalet View all the facilities available Restaurant
Ready for take off? Go for a swim Visit the Sooty Tern colony
Virtual Tour
Before you can tour this model, we recommend you download the Cortona client browser from www.cortona3d.com/install  if running for the first time.  WindowsXP users may need to allow the browser to operate by selecting 'Allow Blocked Content'.   Please click the picture below to enter the tour

Click picture to enter virtual tour

Navigation Instructions in Cortona

Once model is loaded, use the view arrows to jump to an area of interest and walk about.

Click/drag the left mouse button to move forward, backward, left and right. There's plenty to explore.

Use the SPACE bar whilst click/dragging the mouse forward and back to look up and down.



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