Example Tours to Download
(These include their own 3D browser)

Try out our browser with embedded tours.

  • Click on a picture below to download.
  • Once loaded, unzip and start them up.  
  • Press the SPACEBAR to go on a virtual tour. 
  • You can navigate freely with the mouse and arrow keys to view any part of model. 
  • Have fun!
Tour 1 (5Mb) Monet Community Tour for Standard Pacific Homes
Monet Community tour has over 120 houses with 24 different variations based on French, Spanish and Tudor Styles.  Fully equipped with playground, trees and gardens.  The browser employs 'Level of Detail' (LOD) techniques to speed up the rendering.
Tour 2 (6.1Mb) The Dahlia - Monet Plan 3 Tour for Standard Pacific Homes
A beautiful example of a tudor style house found on the above estate.  Made to specification right down to the taps and door handles.  This house is fully furnished with doors that open before you as you navigate around.  Make sure you go on the tour with the SPACE bar.
Tour 3 (5.3Mb) Westerlings Planning Application Example
Interactive 3D is a powerful tool to discover how your plans will look in an existing environment.  It's possible to look from every conceivable angle and quickly deduce problems that can be solved with slight modifications to the plan.  After that, these views can be printed and shown to planning authorities as effective and convincing aids to getting your plan through.

Have your plans brought to life for as little as 350 (US$450 or Є380). See pricing for more information.


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