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Case Study:  Kendal Castle
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Short History
Kendal Castle was probably built around 1200AD by the Baron of Kendal, Gilbert fitz Reinfred.  Since then, through ransom, inheritance and marriage, the Castle was passed down to the well-known Parr family who improved the castle to impress important guests during the 1470's.  Unfortunately, Kendal castle was abandoned from 1483 and fell into disrepair until it was finally and systematically dismantled by the Crown in the 1570's. 
Not much remains to indicate what Kendal Castle looked like in its heyday, but from on-site archaeological research and rough descriptions of its day, we can build an image of what the Castle may have been like:

Ruin of main Hall as it stands today:

Reconstruction of main Hall as it may have looked

Other Views of Reconstruction (click for larger view)
Overhead view showing 'grand' staircase View with Gatehouses to the left Grand staircase detail
View from right Main hall Gate crank in west gate tower

Virtual Tour
This tour depicts an interpretation of Kendal Castle in its 'heyday' around the 1460-70's during which time William and John Parr probably made numerous alterations.

Before you can tour this model, we recommend you download the Cortona client browser from  if running for the first time.  WindowsXP users may need to allow the browser to operate by selecting 'Allow Blocked Content'.   Please click the picture below to enter the tour:

Click picture to enter virtual tour

Navigation Instructions in Cortona

Once model is loaded, use the yellow hotspots to jump to an area of interest on the Castle Navigator.

Click/drag the left mouse button to move forward, backward, left and right. Navigate up stairways and through portals as in the real world.  There's plenty to explore.

Use the SPACE bar whilst click/dragging the mouse forward and back to look up and down.

Useful Links

Kendal Castle Website - Official link
Castles on the Web - Offers an extensive database of links to all things Castle related


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