About Us

Britain3D is run by Skillman Media who, for many years, has been producing 3D models in many areas from computer software to real-estate. We specialize in real-time, immersive 3D, that can be explored from any location and angle, rather than just 360 degree photos and movies.

Models can be uploaded to Google Earth, viewed with an internet 3D browser or embedded into our own custom 3D browser for distribution by CD, download or email.

We have had many years of programming experience which, combined with our 3D skills, enables us to provide powerful, customized 3D presentations. We also provide cross platform 3D software such as Vizplan3D and have produced a number of retail graphics applications for other companies.

Britain3D is a UK based company.


Have your plans brought to life for as little as 350 (US$450 or Є380). See pricing for more information.


Telephone +44 (0)1548 560168,  email info@britain3d.com.  Britain3D.com is created by SkillmanMedia